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Somehow I don't seem to be having any luck with v1.2.8.1 but the older version works like a charm. I just simply cannot make out why the newer version is not working for me where as you guys are having no problems with it. I do patch the app as per the keygen instructions. Any clue guys?

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Hi! @funkyy I'm an avid user of Acronis Try&Decide therefore every app install is a fresh install for me. Cerberus' patch also failed to crack v1.2.8.1 properly, in fact with FFF's patch (downloaded from sefton22's link) the watermark on the video appears after 20% of processing whereas with Cerberus' patch the video gets watermarked immediately. So, my predicament with both the patches so far is from bad to worse. Mine seems to be the only one off case for the reasons unknown to me. Thanks for the suggestions anyways guys.


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