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Lust Guide [Prologue] [APK]

His housemate, the most important person in his life, offers to help him through this difficult time but makes it clear to him that she will never cross the forbidden line. Fortunately for the hero, he finds a guide who will show him, step by step, how to fulfill all his fantasies and forbidden desires.

Lust Guide [Prologue] [APK]

previous Update : 12/04/20191, Fixed bug: During sleep, Beast Mother may lose too much HP than expected which can lead to unable to win in the match2, The Empire storyline proceeds to before leaving Overlord Temple 3, All patreon related NPCs now have Force Controller, it can be used to toggle some costumes' high order forms. FYA, messing with this function might result in tragedy.4, The Owen branch line now has a Meat Toilet path currently, the path of refusing Charles is under sectional constructions and is temporarily stopped at before going to battle.5, A Notebook function has been added into the game. The Empire storyline notebook guide is finished.6, Improved some pixel animations7, Fixed player-report bugs. 041b061a72


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