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Esser Tools 8000: The Ultimate Guide to Fire Detection System Management

Abstract:The article presents research results that demonstrate the impacts of mechanical and tribological characteristics on the efficiency of cutting tools made from hard metal WC-Co. Uncoated tools and tools coated with physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings (CrN and TiAlN) were tested. The thickness of coatings was determined, and tests of roughness, microhardness, and adhesion were performed. The coefficient of friction (COF) was established by different methods, and the wear of the tested cutters which occurs during the milling of solid oak wood, and the impact of this on surface roughness, were determined. The results revealed that uncoated WC-Co cutters are the least resistant to wear, while cutters coated with chromium nitride (CrN) are the most resistant. Both PVD coatings were damaged in the 9050 m in area of the cutting edge.Keywords: hard metal tool; PVD coatings; wear of tools; wood milling; oak wood

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This first attempt to use the archaeomagnetic technique in the Caucasus indicates that the SCHA.DIF.14k geomagnetic model may be successfully employed for dating purposes in the region. This opens new opportunities to estimate absolute ages of Great and Lesser Caucasus Holocene volcanic rocks.


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