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Xtreamer Prodigy Firmware 4.2 28: A Complete Guide to Upgrade Your Media Player

How to Update Your Xtreamer Prodigy Media Player Firmware to Version 4.2.28

If you own an Xtreamer Prodigy media player, you might want to update its firmware to the latest version 4.2.28. This version brings some new features and fixes some issues that were present in the previous versions. In this article, we will show you how to download and install the firmware update safely and easily.

Xtreamer Prodigy Firmware 4.2 28


Xtreamer Prodigy is a powerful media player that can play and stream media files from various sources, such as an optional built-in hard drive, a device on your internal network, or over the Internet. It is equipped with a Realtek 1186 chipset that supports full HD video playback, Dolby Digital and DTS audio decoding, HDMI output, USB3 port, Gigabit LAN port, Wi-Fi dongle support, Android OS support, and more.

Updating your Xtreamer Prodigy media player firmware can enhance its performance, stability, compatibility, and functionality. Firmware is essentially the software that runs on your device and controls its operations. By updating it regularly, you can enjoy new features, fix bugs, improve security, and optimize your user experience.

According to the official release notes, firmware 4.2.28 offers the following improvements:

  • You can press the REC remote key to go directly into DVB-T from the main screen.

  • The background music will not stop when you press the HOME key.

  • The screen ratio will be correctly set to 16:9.

  • The network shares will not request a password on access.

  • The wget command will work properly.

  • The alsa binary files will be fixed.

  • The Android games will have audio output.

  • The MAC address will be displayed correctly.



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