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SupernaturalTV Show 2005 ##HOT##

It's too bad that such a smart show couldn't be enjoyed by a general audience, but there's just too much troubling content afoot to make this one acceptable for most teens. Violence is the main offender, since each story centers on the guys' quest to kill some paranormal monster of sorts, and later seasons delve into the spiritual world with the introduction of some surprisingly vengeful angels. Although their intentions are always good, the guys' lifestyle is questionable at best -- marked by credit-card fraud, heavy drinking, casual sex, and their own deals with the devil.

SupernaturalTV Show | 2005

Teens: Does this series stereotype any group of characters based on race or gender? How are the female characters portrayed in particular? How does this differ from females' roles in classic horror films or shows?

What impression does this series give about death? How are characters' deaths dealt with? Is this show's violence more or less gratuitous than that in other shows or movies you've seen? Do you think modern allowances for violence in the media has desensitized viewers?

Kittsbud started in September 2005 after the WB announced that Jensen Ackles would leave Smallville to star in a new horror/suspense television series. Kittsbud created the site for fans to discuss Supernatural as soon as the show started. The site quickly grew into one of the top fan sites for Supernatural with show-related news, spoilers, and images. In June 2008, Kittsbud turned over ownership of to BuddyTV. Abbey of BuddyTV was the webmaster. was open to contributions from fans, including episode reviews, fan creations, and reports from set visits and conventions. The site folded when Buddy TV did in 2018.'s message board (hosted by InvisionFree) became a large, international community of fans who talk about Supernatural on a daily basis. The message board features forums for episodes, characters, actors, fanfiction, fanart, spoilers, and games. As the community grew, the message board became a place to discuss many other interests, including paranormal activity, TV shows and movies, and current events. As of June 2009, there are just over 42,000 members registered on the message board.

Hulu's collection of supernatural shows is quite impressive given the range of shows the streaming service has to offer. From a classic horror revival like The Exorcist to an offbeat vampire comedy like What We Do In The Shadows, Hulu's supernatural-driven content can add to several binge sessions depending upon the viewer's mind.

Even though most of these shows end up having horror undertones, there are some exceptions too like Merlin that largely relies on magical fantasy, and Twin Peaks, which plays out like a mystery drama.

As its name suggests, Salem is a period drama set around the same period as the infamous Salem witch trials of the 17th century. Adding elements of supernatural horror, the show depicts an alternate history with a Gothic romance thrown in the mix.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving has been a mainstay in horror, further popularized by Tim Burton's Gothic feature Sleepy Hollow. Unlike most of these period dramas, the TV show adaptation of the story also adds an amusing modern-era storyline that's vaguely inspired by Rip Van Winkle.

With every season offering a new storyline, American Horror Story has turned into a mega-event of sorts for fans of modern horror. Featuring Glee creator Ryan Murphy's ever-reliable storytelling as well as many of his regular collaborators like Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange, the show hops from one particular supernatural theme to another.

The best part of The Exorcist is that it takes place directly after the original film (albeit with new characters) and completely ignores the infamous sequels. With enough thrills and scares to offer, the show serves as a worthy successor to its source material and maintains enough atmospheric tension to hook new-age viewers.

What the show largely benefits from is the perfect blend of tonal elements. As the protagonist Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) learns the ways to become a trained vampire-hunter, defeating and being overpowered in the process, her quests are filled with situations of pure horror as well as bleak comedy. It's arguably one of the finest shows to humanize the lore of vampires and demons rather than just relying on creature-driven shock value.

Given how the vampire subgenre of horror has been oversaturated, the show takes usual satirical jabs at the creatures by focusing on three immortal vampires and their everyday misadventures. In fact, a particular highpoint was a special episode that ended up featuring various cinematic vampires as guest stars ranging from Wesley Snipes (Blade) to Tilda Swinton (Only Lovers Left Alive).

As noted surrealist David Lynch serves as the creative force behind the show's direction and writing, Twin Peaks has its fair share of dream sequences, magical realism, and eccentric characters. Over the years, the series has garnered a cult following and deserves to be viewed for its landmark impact on '90s-era television.

There are many supernatural TV shows available that have received critical and commercial acclaim, like Supernatural or Teen Wolf. Despite there being so many popular choices for a supernatural watch, only a select few series have really changed the game. These iconic and influential shows paved the way for the supernatural shows to come.

Still, not every supernatural series pushes the envelope, becomes iconic, or influences other shows. This makes the innovators within the genre all the more special for using the supernatural elements in new and creative ways. Fans who love the supernatural have several great series to choose from.

iZombie was not the first zombie television show, nor was it the most watched. However, it stands out from the likes of The Walking Dead or Z Nation for its nuanced, funny, and poignant take on the zombie apocalypse. iZombie even paved the way for shows like Santa Clarita Diet.

Most people regarded The X-Files as a cult show when it premiered. However, the series grew to be so popular it became a touchstone of American pop culture, earning itself two films in 1998 and 2008 and two miniseries revivals in 2016 and 2018.

The main characters, Dr. Dana Scully and Detective Fox Mulder, are responsible for investigating the FBI's X-Files, cases involving phenomena that cannot be explained by science. However, they eventually get caught up in government-wide conspiracies. The X-Files' monster-of-the-week format and serialized storytelling have directly influenced several TV shows. Plus, Scully's characterization gave way to the strong female investigator archetype, which is now a staple in American television.

Stranger Things is most notable for its popularity, critical reception, and origin on a streaming platform. When it premiered, it was the biggest of Netflix's original series up until that point, and it's still a huge draw. Alongside Orange is the New Black,Stranger Things showed that streaming services could provide incredible original television.

Some of American Horror Story's seasons are better-regarded than others, but its ongoing, decade-and-counting-long run illustrates its continued relevance. AHS was the first supernatural series with self-contained seasons (as opposed to self-contained episodes, which are not uncommon), so shows like Good Omens and Russian Doll owe their structure to AHS.

Rod Serling's most renowned project, The Twilight Zone, is still considered one of the best TV shows ever. It is arguably the first supernatural television series and certainly the first significant one. Each episode features a different story with different characters.

Serling intentionally opted to create a supernatural show so he could discuss more controversial subjects and avoid network and sponsorship edits. Twilight Zone addresses everything from racism to sexuality and earned Serling two Primetime Emmy Awards. It has since been revived three times, and no other supernatural series would exist without The Twilight Zone.

There are many TV shows that feature witches. However, none have been able to replicate Charmed's success, though many have tried. Charmed was the first primetime television show to feature a witch's coven, which it portrayed favorably. At its conclusion, it was the longest-running hour-long series ever.

Twin Peaks marked a turning point in supernatural TV. The series proved that television could match cinema's storytelling ability, and to this day, other shows try to emulate David Lynch's cinematography techniques and Twin Peak's surrealist mood.

It's hard to overstate just how influential Buffy the Vampire Slayer was for young adult television, supernatural television, and television in general. The series made monster-of-the-week/"Big Bad" combinations popular, and few shows before it or since have given young women permission to be sad, moody, and angsty about the prospect of growing up, especially growing into a world that isn't meant for them.

Creator and writer Vicki Madden has a thing for mist, lathering it across the frame in several of her productions (including the recent The Gloaming). The Kettering Incident is based in nippy Tasmania, in a small town with gothic vibes and notes of Top Of The Lake and Twin Peaks. The premise of this darkly beautiful (and, yes, misty) show involves two girls disappearing in the wilderness, in identical circumstances 15 years apart. In the prologue, which takes place in 2000, strange lights appear in the forest before one of the aforementioned disappearances. Is this a good, old-fashioned alien abduction?

If you have never watched the show, here is a quick rundown for you. Sam and Dean Winchester are involved in the 'Family Business,' and that business is hunting monsters of all kind all over the U.S. These business trips as they are called have brought the boys to Michigan, so far, 6 different times. Battle Creek is the winner with 3 visits from the Winchesters followed by Lansing, Saginaw, Ypsilanti, Dearborn, and Detroit. 041b061a72


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