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Some time ago our daughter's husband passed on during the epidemic of influenza, leaving her alone with her baby boy. She came home to live and it became my duty to care for the baby while my daughter took up her former work in an office. I had been trying to work out of a stubborn sense of physical discord for some time, and before this happened I would have said it was impossible to undertake the care of a baby besides doing the general housework for my family. My first thought was the passage just quoted, and with it came gratitude for Christian Science, and the loving thought that I was happy to accept the additional task. This thought has been with me constantly for the last six months, and I can truthfully say that my health is better, our home very harmonious, the sunshine of Truth always shining, and Christian Science has met every problem that comes up with the care of a young child. He is a sunny, happy dispositioned boy.

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