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Saperavi Wine Buy REPACK

Georgia gave birth to wine over 8,000 years ago and has guarded it ever since. Against all odds, Georgian men and women have made and enjoyed wine every year for the last 8 millennia. Guardians is a celebration of these heroes. As a mission-based brand, Guardians offer Georgian winemakers access to the U.S. market and American drinkers high-quality, accessible wines at great value.

saperavi wine buy


For 8,000 years women have made wine in Georgia, but often behind the scenes. By both honoring the legendary Georgian women on the labels and by donating a percentage of sales to organizations that support and invest in Georgian women winemakers, Guardians is committed to enabling a new generation of women to be the face of Georgian wine.

SITEMAP Search for: Let Us Gush a LittleWe can't help it, we have so much to tell you! We are proud to offer you wines from some of the coolest most innovative winemakers from all over the world. Find out why they are so darn cool, what to serve with them and more! Who knows, we might even include a few surprise sales and bonus recipes in there for you. Whatcha waiting for? Subscribe!

We are proud to offer you wines from some of the coolest most innovative winemakers from all over the world. Find out why they are so darn cool, what to serve with them and more! Who knows, we might even include a few surprise sales and bonus recipes in there for you. Whatcha waiting for? Subscribe!

The Orgo Saperavi from the Teleda Orgo vineyard is the family vinyard of the mosgt commended winemaker of Georgia: Giorgi Dakishvili. The vineyard has been in the hands of the Dakishvili family for generations, an established name in Georgia when it comes to wine making.

This wine shows perfectly how you can combine the traditional method of wine making with western methods like oak aging. The result is a powerful wine which contains beautiful aromas, accompanied by a nice acidity.

Excellence and nothing less, the 3rd generation of winemakers in the Dakishvili family. With more then 20 years of experience in the winemaking industry, he is an absolute icon within the Georgian winemaking society.

Silk Road Saperavi Dry Red has a brilliant ruby color and notes of tart cherry and pomegranate. Aromas of cinnamon and pepper give this wine a unique complexity. Has the weight and feel of a Rhône blend; shows the aromas of raspberry jam and fresh figs. The palate also finds tart lingonberries, proceeding to a long finish with orange zest and charcoal. Makes a perfect match with seared meats or salmon, and aged cheeses. 100% Saperavi grape from Kakheti.

Sharon Arakelov grew up as a military brat and moved around before settling in Tampa Florida that she now considers home. Sharon invited Barry and Candy Greer to join her and her husband Yanick on a vacation to the country of Georgia where they fell in love with the wine and together formed the Silk Road Wines brand.

Barry Greer began his career as a firefighter/paramedic after graduating from The Ohio State University. After successfully working in the marble and hotel industries, Barry partnered with good friend Yanick Arakelov and entered the wine business with AG Globaltrade LLC the distribution firm for Georgian wines, and is proud to be an owner of Silk Road Wines.

This bold wine pairs wonderfully with rich, tangy meals such as pizza or barbecue pork. You can also look to its native land of Georgia for inspiration: grilled meats, cheese, fresh bread, savory dumplings (the Georgian version is called Khinkali; ravioli or pierogis are a good substitution), or spicy stews.

Our Georgian wine import business is dedicated to selecting and bringing fine wines along with insights into the history, culture and natural winemaking traditions of a unique and beautiful region of the Caucasus, and most importantly, its people and their celebration of life, peace and wine.

The wine is characterised by flavours of blackcurrant, mulberry, dried herbs, and slightly herbal aromas which are balanced by powerful and vibrant ripe black fruits of the forest and a strong tannin profile. This is a wine that ages incredibly well!

Saperavi (Georgian: საფერავი; literally "paint, dye, give color") is an acidic, teinturier-type grape variety native to the country of Georgia, where it is used to make many of the region's most well-known wines.[1] It is also grown in Russia[2] and in lesser quantities in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Australia.

Saperavi produces an extractive wine with a characteristic bouquet, a harmonious taste, and pleasant astringency. Its alcoholic strength ranges from 10.5 to 12.5% and titrated acidity from 5 to 7%. Saperavi grapes produce very deep red wines that are suitable for extended aging. It has the potential to produce high alcohol levels, and is often blended with lighter varieties. It is by far the most dominant Georgian red grape in terms of overall production.[1]

Saperavi is a hardy variety, known for its ability to handle extremely cold weather and is popular for growing in high altitude and inland regions such as Kakheti. It is a teinturier[3] grape, containing the red anthocyanin within the grape pulp as well as the skin and is unusual in being one of very few such grapes used in single-varietal winemaking.

The Saperavi grape originated in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia and now is spread throughout its entire territory (Kakheti, Saingilo, Kartli, Shavshet-Klarjeti, Imereti, Guria, Racha and Lechkhumi). The Saperavi variety is one of the oldest cultivars from the region, and has consistently been the most important in Georgia's commercial winemaking industry.

Saperavi grapes are used predominantly in Georgia and Russia, but have spread to other regions of Eastern Europe more recently (e.g., Purcari in Moldova). Saperavi cultivars are also being grown in New World wine regions, notably in Finger Lakes and Niagara area vineyards.[4] It has shown promising results for a few growers in Australia, where it was pioneered in the King Valley Region of northeast Victoria.

Originated from Kakheti in eastern Georgia, this is the most widely planted red wine variety in the country. Today, Saperavi can also be found in the vineyards of Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, and USA.

Dr Eko Glonti is a true renaissance man who has an affinity for art, history, literature, and music. A medical-doctor-turned-geologist-turned-winemaker, his wines are often described as clean, balanced, and distinctly Georgian yet suitably easy for any wine lover to enjoy. He makes between 15,000 and 30,000 bottles of wine every year.

Eko currently works with a group of local grape growers to craft his wine in the vineyards, though he has plans to acquire a few plots of his own in the near future. All of his wines are monovarietal, made from indigenous varieties of the Imereti wine region in western Georgia; the grapes are fermented in qvevri with natural yeast; the Lagvinari wines are unfined, unfiltered, and a small amount of sulfur is added only before bottling.

Established in 2001 in the village of Khashmi in Kakheti, Jakeli is a pioneer of certified organic wine in Georgia. The first commercial vintage is 2008 and the first organic vintage is 2009. The total vineyard size is 5.5 hectares, with vines planted at 760-meter above sea level on the southwest foothill of the Tsiv Gombori mountain range. The vineyards are never irrigated and are sprayed with copper and sulfur at most five times a year. Some biodynamic practices are also incorporated. The grapes are hand-picked. Fermentation is done in steel tanks without the addition of synthetic chemical or cultivated yeast. Sulfur is used in the small amounts only after the malolactic fermentation. All Jakeli wines are aged for at least 18 months in both the steel tank and bottle before release.

Search or buy Saperavi on Wine Searcher. Learn more about Georgian wine in our article The Unstoppable Progress in the Georgian Wine Scene. This article is not associated with endorsements of any kind.

Hot and dry is a great way to describe the 2020 growing season. The trend of late bud break continues, beginning in mid-May. A month later in mid-June, most varieties began flowering and fruit set. Between bud break and fruit set, it was warm and dry with only considerable rainfall a handful of times. Throughout the growing season we were blessed with hot and dry conditions. This kept disease pressure very low. Luckily, our old vines are able to withstand drought conditions. The warm and dry weather continued into the fall allowing us to fully ripen grapes well into October. 2020 red wines may be some of the best in recent years.

The Georgian government sponsors a centralized vine library, called the National Grape Collection, at the LEPL Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture in Jighaura, north of Tbilisi. Vineyards and nurseries here contain 437 varieties of native Georgian grapevines, along with 350 non-Georgian varieties. Researchers study the indigenous varieties to better understand their origins, grape characteristics, disease resistance, and more. The goal is not only to rediscover and identify lost Georgian grapes, but also to discern the best candidates for producing quality wines. 041b061a72


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