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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 113

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 : Duel monster spirits naturally have eternal lives, Yubel survived being reduced to an arm, continuously absorbed dueling energy which allowed them to regenerate their enitre body[1], Yubel can resurrect itself up to twice with it's own effect and can always be brought back to life if someone summons them like any other duel spirit[2], managed to possess Johan[3] and just like other duel spirits Yubel can possess a person [4]with their astral form, and their true self lies in another dimension[5]), Regeneration (High-Mid though It takes many hours to regenerate), Aura and Power Nullification (created an aura that pushed back and overpowered the three Sacred Beasts and nullified their passive absorption ability[5], Yubel can also create aura around others[6].), Spiritual Awareness (Yubel can detect and see spiritual entities and souls as well as manipulate them[7]), Enhanced Senses (can hear people who aren't in the same floor as her[8], She can also sense the darkness in one's heart and can see and read the opponent's mind past and weaknesses[9]), Reactive Power Level (Cards and duelists empower each others with strong will[10]), Invisibility (as shown here[11]), Intangibility (solid things can go through yubel[5]), Telepathy (can mentally communicate with amon[9]), Memory Manipulation (Can modify memories as shown when Yubel changed cobra's memories of his son dying[9].), Mind Manipulation (Can control others' minds[6], and can mentally force people to stop and trigger a mental shutdown, where the victim's mind becomes blank and is mentally disconnects from reality[12] and All of Yubel's mind manipulation abilities can bypass Resistance, since she managed to mentally corrupt and enslave Jesse's crystal beasts[13] as well as his Rainbow Dragon despite said monsters having resistance against Fujiwara's mind manipulation and reading[14]), Darkness Manipulation (Able to generate and control darkness[15]), Healing (Can transform dueling energy[1] or darkness to recover stamina and heal her wounds[16]), Power Absorption, Law Manipulation and Deconstruction (People who lose a duel in the dark world would be banished, it is an established rule in the universe sized dimension. At the moment of the death, the body is deconstructed[17] and sent and sealed in Yubel's "hell dimension" where their powers are constantly drained[6]). Dream Manipulation (can give people nightmares[18] and control said nightmares, even if they're on Earth[6] while Yubel is in space), Teleportation (Yubel can teleport[19]), Telekinesis (Showed to be mentally able to lift small[5] and big[7] objects as well as other people[9]. She can also paralyze the target with their Telekinesis), Non-Physical Interaction (Can damage souls and manipulate them[7].), Creation (Can create objects out of thin air like cameras, and a a new type of energy absorbing technology[18]), Transmutation (Can generate a dark liquid that takes the form[20] and gains properties[21] of anything Yubel wants), Minor Electromagnetism Manipulation (Can create electromagnetic waves but not useful in combat: it's a mere consequence of some of Yubel's spirit energy. The only affected creatures are those with reptilian or dinosaur DNA who become violent and savage[22]), Energy Manipulation (Could make machines and other technological devices keep going by using their energy), Sealing (Can seal their opponent's mind, body, and soul within another spirit or a Duel Monster's card[13]), Reality Warping (Can turn holograms into real objects[23]), Spatial Manipulation (A person Yubel lent some of their power to was able to distort space[24]), Shapeshifting (Can modify parts of their body to change it's form. The changed body part can even gain properties and functionalities of the form it took which include technological devices such as duel disks[25]), Status Effect Inducement (Can infect someone with darkness turning them into fully obedient zombies[15]), Immense Tolerance to Pain (Unaffected by the fact she was reduced to an arm), Corruption (Type 2: Able to mentally corrupt[13] several beings, turning them into darker versions of themself[26].), BFR (Can can teleport others over a large area of effect[19] and to the gap between space and time [27]and an alternate dimension where their powers are continuously being drained[6]), Disease Manipulation (Can mentally give someone an incurable disease that puts the victim in a coma[28]).

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 113

Summoning (Can summon monsters from their deck), Magic (Can use Magic via Monsters, spells and trap cards), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reactive Power Level (Cards and duelists empower each others with strong will[10]), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, and 4; just like other duel monsters Yubel's Monsters are immortal spirits who can regenerate by absorbing spirit energy and can be resurrected upon summon), Resurrection (for all monsters; monsters can be revived when they are summoned just like how bakura summoned diabound after dibaound's death[2]), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2 : For all monsters), Duplication (Can summon copies of herself[6]), Soul Manipulation (the three sacred beats absorbed duel monsters energy[30] from the whole world[31]), Age Manipulation (The sacred beasts are capable of Fully rejuvenating rejuvenating Kagemaru who's an over 100 years old human[30]), Elemental Manipulation (With the sacred beasts and other monsters), Fire Manipulation and Magma Manipulation (Uria, Lord of Searing Flames can make a volcanic eruption when he is the summoned, can control fire, and shoot flames with hyper blaze[30]), Electricity Manipulation (Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder can control thunder[30]), Ice Manipulation (Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder managed to freeze the spells cards used to summon him and created a giant glacier when summoned[30]), Weather Manipulation (The sacred beasts are capable of creating a storm by their presence alone[31]), Attack Absorption (Chaos Core, can absorb the ennemy's attack[32]), Power Nullification (Dark Shrine Bribery, can negate a trap card[32]), Sand Manipulation (Can summon a building that is made of sand with her card House of Sand, she could also manipulate the sand stocked in the arena[32]. The Rock Spirit could also use sand manipulation[25]), Dimensional Storage (Spell Chronicle stores five other cards. Their "Spell Chronicle" stores one magic charge each time magic is used by someone else[6]), Necromancy (her trap card "Immortal Class" can resurrect her strong monsters[1]), Damage Transferal, Pain Reduction and Plant Manipulation (Can summon demon balsams: a special demonic kind of plant that absorbs and feeds on pain, assimilating the majority of damage and pain Yubel should have took to create a number of seeds that is proportional to transferred damage and that will summon more plants[6]), Power Mimicry ("Phantom of Chaos" can copy the name, physical stats,powers and appearance of another monster[32]. Their continuous trap card "Chaos Form", works in a similar way[1]), limited Text Manipulation (The original text on "Phantom of Chaos", the stats ATK/DEF, as well as the name and effects will be replaced by the ones of the copied monster[32]), Invulnerability (via demon rose an aura that makes the monster it's equipped to invulnerable to attacks[29]), Black Hole Creation (Chaos Phantasm Armytile can create a black hole with a gravitational force that is strong enough to attract Elemental HERO Chaos Neos[1]), Pocket Reality Manipulation and Fusionism (Can create a dark space to trap people's souls[13], Yubel can also, use the regular Polymerization spell card to create a pocket dimension where Yubel can force victims to fuse with some duel monster spirits, turning the victims of this fusion into a will drained slaves[8] can fuse herself and virtually anything else via Super Polymerization, including entire universes[29]), Empathic Manipulation (By fusing people with spirits she can alter their emotions to express only one type of emotion like making someone always laugh or making someone feel rage or erasing all of them making said person emotionless in the process [8])

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Summoning (can summon any of his monsters), Flight (for Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle, Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus and Rainbow Dragon), Enhanced Senses (monsters can sense other spiritual energy just like other duel monsters), Self-Sustenance (can fight in space just like other duel monsters), Magic (Can use magic via Monsters, spells and trap cards), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, and 4; just like other duel monsters crystal beasts are immortal spirits who can regenerate by absorbing spirit energy and can be resurrected upon summon), Reactive Power Level (Cards and duelists empower each others with strong will[10]), Energy Projection (via monsters, like Ruby Carnbuncle[21], Emerald Tortoise[33], and Rainbow Dragon[1]), Natural Weaponry (Amethyst Cat, Cobalt Eagle, Emerald Turtle and Topaz Tiger have Claws Amber Mammoth has large tusks and Sapphire Pegasus has a horn), Regeneration (Mid-High when Crystal Beast get destroyed they regenerate and return to the spell/trap zone[33]), Air Manipulation (via Sapphire[11] Tornado[14]), Body and Mind Control (G Force forces a monster to battle a Crystal Beast monster[25]), Forcefield Creation (can summon Topaz Tiger and Sapphire Pegasus in order to make barrier that reduces the damage to 0 with Crystal Pair[34], and can make a barrier by using the crystals of the Crystal Beasts with Crystal Fortress[34], can also call a crystal beasts into the spell/trap zone in order make a barrier that reduces damage with Crystal Flash[1], Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth can also create a barrier when amplifed by Amber Crystal Circle[34], Rainbow Path can likely create a barrier based on it's effect and artwork[26]), Statistics Amplification (M Force can amplify a Crystal Beasts's attack by 500, Amber Crystal Circle canamplify the power of amber mammoth with the power of the Crystal Beast enough to awaken rainbow dragon[34], rainbow dragon can amplify his power by absorbing other crystal beasts[1]), Attack Redirection (can redirect an attack using Prism Wall[1]), Healing (via Rainbow Life[26]), Resurrection (via Counter Gem, which sends all spells in your field to the grave to replace as many Crystal Beast monsters as possible from the Graveyard to the Spell/Trap Card Zone[26], can also revive his Crystal Beasts monsters with Sapphire Revive[14] and Monster Reincarnation[21]), Power Mimicry (can summon a copy of an opponent's monster to his side of the field and then revive a Crystal Beast via Sapphire Revive[14]), Statistics Reduction (via Cut Jewel which halves the attack of a monster by sending a Crystal Beast to the grave[35]), Explosion Manipulation (via Buster Thousand[13]) 041b061a72


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