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Tech Thoughts Net News ? Monday ? October 3, 2016 [EXCLUSIVE]

In 2016, Fisker Inc. teamed up with Nanotech Energy to create a joint venture called Fisker Nanotech, with Jack Kavanaugh as chairman.[12][39][40] They worked on developing a next-generation supercapacitor technology using graphene.[13][39][41] The proposed hybrid battery using graphene supercapacitors had the potential for improved energy conducting and charging capabilities, and a better cycle life, so that the battery would not need to be swapped out as often as a pure lithium-ion battery.[39] In July 2017, Fisker Inc. ended its joint venture with Nanotech Energy to produce batteries using graphene.[42]

Tech Thoughts Net News – Monday – October 3, 2016

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C.2.6. Additional annual average energy-related investments for the period 2016 to 2050 in pathways limiting warming to 1.5C compared to pathways without new climate policies beyond those in place today are estimated to be around 830 billion USD2010 (range of 150 billion to 1700 billion USD2010 across six models)18. This compares to total annual average energy supply investments in 1.5C pathways of 1460 to 3510 billion USD2010 and total annual average energy demand investments of 640 to 910 billion USD2010 for the period 2016 to 2050. Total energy-related investments increase by about 12% (range of 3% to 24%) in 1.5C pathways relative to 2C pathways. Annual investments in low-carbon energy technologies and energy efficiency are upscaled by roughly a factor of six (range of factor of 4 to 10) by 2050 compared to 2015 (medium confidence). 2.5.2, Box 4.8, Figure 2.27


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