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Residential Garage Flooring

Great Garage Floors is the industry leader in garage floor installation in the Twin Cities. For over 10 years, we've been providing quality garage floor coating, sealing and repair in the Minneapolis area.

residential garage flooring

With numerous concrete flooring solutions that can be applied to new or existing concrete, Speck USA can help you improve the appearance and overall functionality of your floors. Our concrete flooring services include:

This durable flooring is also an increasingly popular flooring choice for residential garages. Homeowners across the United States are choosing to use their garage space for more than just parking their vehicle, often utilizing the space as a workshop, home gym, or transforming the area into a home office.

The Everlast Epoxy flooring system contains an antimicrobial component that is designed to restrict the growth of microorganisms and provide your floor with ongoing protection against bacteria, making your garage a safe place in which to spend your time.

Our epoxy floor has a textured surface, created by the marble chips used in the manufacturing process, which makes it slip resistant, even in wet conditions. This helps to keep families safe and minimizes the risk of a trip or fall when entering the garage in adverse weather conditions.

Another lesser-known safety advantage of installing epoxy on a garage floor is that it increases visibility inside the garage due to the light-reflective nature of the floor, which can help reduce lighting costs.

For a garage floor that looks as good as it performs, Everlast Epoxy flooring ticks all the boxes and is available in a range of over 50 colors, designed to add a flawless shine to your residential garage floor.

Our experienced installers are highly experienced in laying brand new garage floors or retrofitting an epoxy system to an existing floor. To find out more about our epoxy resin residential garage floor solutions, contact us for friendly advice.

Pricing includes complete floor preparation, materials and labor. Cure time is 24 hours before walking, and 72 hours for vehicles. For residential projects, payment is due upon completion of job and customer approval. All major credit cards accepted.

Bring your Greenville, SC residential floors back to life with high-performance, industrial-grade multi-component decorative polymer concrete coatings from Carolina Flooring Specialist.We specialize in the installation of decorative epoxy floors in garages, basements, mechanical rooms and residential interiors. Restore and protect your garage floors and interior floors with epoxy floor coatings that will last years to come without losing their appearance and with minimum maintenance required.

When the time comes that you need to call on someone to take care of your epoxy flooring in Brooklyn Park, how are you going to know who to entrust? The best choice to make is to work with the name that locals already rely on - Innovative Garage Flooring. For both residential and commercial buildings, our epoxy flooring companycan provide you with the best in superior quality workmanship starting with the very product that we use. Our Brooklyn Park epoxy flooring company works with an industrial grade of Sherwin-Williams epoxy that is only available for certified installers.

What many people do not realize is the variety of colors and patterns that are available for improving your flooring when using epoxy floor coating in Brooklyn Park. You get just about any look that you want but with the high gloss finish that makes it look incredible. Not to mention this gloss helps brighten the space up as much as 300%. This can make a big difference in productivity and safety when it comes to your commercial building.

We look forward to working with you and helping you understand the options that you have and provide you with the exceptional quality results that you want, need and should be able to expect. Don't settle for less than the best for your residential or commercial flooring. Get in touch with us right now and let's get your Brooklyn Park epoxy flooring project taken care of.

From interior epoxy floors to garage flooring in Brooklyn Park, MN, you can rely on Innovative Garage Flooring for the best in residential and commercial epoxy coatings. Just get in touch with us today to get started with an estimate for your project.

There are two general types of garage flooring: coatings and coverings. If your garage floor is in good condition, you can pick either one. But if the floor has lots of cracks or pockmarks, a covering is better because it hides damage. A coating, even a low-sheen version, has a tendency to highlight blemishes. Coverings are also immune to moisture problems that can make coatings peel.

The main disadvantage of coatings is that they require several hours of careful floor prep. Depending on how dirty or greasy your floor is, this can include intensive cleaning with a pressure washer using solvents or degreasers to remove any sealers, grease or previous coatings. You need to repair cracks, holes and other surface problems and then finally etch the concrete with muriatic acid to leave it completely clean and penetrable. Look at online reviews to decide the best garage floor paint for your needs.

A typical DIY epoxy kit provides enough primer (or sealer) and epoxy to apply one coat of each to an average one-car garage. For extra durability, consider applying a second epoxy coat or a finish coat of urethane sealer. Depending on the wear your floor gets, you may need to recoat every three to five years.

Coverings come in two forms: interlocking tiles and rollout mats. The big advantage of coverings is how fast and easy they are to use. You can cover the floor of a three-car garage in a single morning. And the only prep involved is a good thorough sweeping or vacuuming. Best of all, coverings hide cracks and craters and go right over damp concrete, so they can make a nasty floor look better than new. The downside is that coverings can easily be four or more times as expensive as coatings.

This is exactly why epoxy coating has become such a popular flooring option, says Remax Infinity Management. However, as with any other flooring solutions, there are both major advantages and disadvantages connected to the use of epoxy floors in your house.

Now we are going to list the top pros and cons of epoxy floors. Weigh the various positive and negative factors in order to determine whether the epoxy coating is the right choice for your flooring needs.

The endurance of the epoxy coating depends on where it has been applied and whether it was properly installed. Public areas with frequent foot traffic fare the worst, but an epoxy basement flooring could easily last over twenty years.

Epoxy flooring is highly resistant to all sorts of wear and tear. You can count on the material to resist peels, cracks, and corrosion. Once the epoxy is cured, it can even withstand some chemical damage, including acids.

The installation process itself must exactly follow the required rules. For instance, you have to check the humidity levels before the installation. When there is too much moisture in the air, the final result will be damaged and the flooring will age more quickly.

Epoxy flooring allows you to create many design and aesthetic solutions. The color options are endless and the material has the capacity for making intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and even a metallic look.

The strengths of epoxy flooring are relative affordability, high customizability, and great durability. On the other hand, the weaknesses of this material include long curing time, difficult installation process, and its possible slipperiness when wet or oily.

A perfect garage floor is not just about expensive products; you also have to know how to apply them, thereby offering your customers the ideal experience. That is why B-Protek has developed unparalleled working standards and customer service. Here are the main steps in achieving the garage floor of your dreams.

The popularity of our services lies mainly in the processes that we have developed over the course of more than ten years to make your garage floor a centrepiece of your home. It implies applying our industrial-quality product on your residential garage floor. We follow a precise method and critical production steps, from preparation to finishing. Here is a summary of the four main stages.

Garage floor coating systems offer heavy-duty, long-lasting flooring ideal for high foot-traffic and heavy pressure areas like residential and commercial garages, as well as businesses throughout all industries. Presenting unlimited color schemes and patterns gives everyone the freedom to experiment with different designs to create original surface finishes. Garage floor coatings add life, as well as traction to your concrete flooring that lasts for an extended period.

The primary goal of industrial-grade floor coatings is to extend the lifespan of any concrete floor. These floor coating systems are composed of high-grade epoxy that is able to repel moisture, grease, and other contaminants that can infiltrate the pores beneath the flooring. Not to mention, implementing a floor coating layer can make any floor easier to clean up and maintain.

Overall, garage coating systems are professional and innovative flooring solutions that give ease to businesses and individuals around the world adequately achieving a reliable and aesthetic floor finish.

Regular paint is composed of a latex acrylic product, while some have a small portion of epoxy in it for increased strength and durability. Our garage floor coating systems, on the other hand, provide a thermosetting resin as a surface coating consisting of 100% solids epoxy. It is often a two-part substance that includes epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. While the epoxy provides durability, the hardener catalyzes this substance, ultimately creating a reliably smooth and seamless finish. 041b061a72


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