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Download _TOP_ Realtracks Sets

if you downloaded the band-in-a-box program and installed it, you will have to activate it online. you can do this by opening the binabox folder, clicking on the file named "binaboxactivation.xml", and selecting the option to "activate online".

download realtracks sets


checking the box next to the download will cause band-in-a-box to download the entire style demo. you can also download individual files as well as entire sets. if you checked the box next to a realtracks set, band-in-a-box will download the entire set. you can re-download an individual realtracks file by simply unchecking the box next to the file name.

band-in-a-box can also download a realtracks file directly from the realtracks web site. to do this, open the binabox folder, click on the file named "binaboxrealtracks.xml", and select the option to "download from realtracks". band-in-a-box will navigate to the realtracks web site, search for the desired realtracks file, and download it. note that this may take a while, depending on the speed of your internet connection. if you have a slow connection, it is best to download the realtracks files from band-in-a-box's own web site, rather than from the realtracks web site directly. this is because band-in-a-box will have cached the content from the realtracks web site, which means you'll get the most up-to-date content.

once band-in-a-box has downloaded the realtracks file, you can copy/move it to your realtracksdata folder. the downloaded realtracks files will be placed in the realtracks folder of the band-in-a-box program. if you are upgrading from an earlier version of band-in-a-box, you will need to copy/move the old realtracks file(s) to a temporary folder. these files can be found under the "realtracks" folder of the band-in-a-box program. once you've placed the realtracks file(s) in the band-in-a-box program, you can delete the original realtracks files from the temporary folder.


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