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Background Checks Pay For Checkr, Which Just Rang Up $100 Million In New Funding !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Uber conducts its background checks using a startup called Checkr, which also separately announced on Thursday it raised $100 million in new funding. In a press release, Checkr also named Lyft, Uber's biggest US competitor, as a customer.

Background checks pay for Checkr, which just rang up $100 million in new funding


Checkr announced a $100 million funding round last year led by T. Rowe Price, Accel, and Y Combinator, bringing its total funding to about $150 million. The 180-person company says it runs more than a million background checks a month.

Checkr uses software to search through online county records and conducts in-person research when required to perform background checks.[4] As of 2019, Checkr runs over 1.5 million background checks per month.[10]

Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Doordash, GrubHub and Instacart use Checkr to screen their workers. It does more than 1 million checks a month for 10,000-plus customers, specializing in criminal background checks and driving records. It vets workers when they are hired; for some companies, including Uber and Lyft, it reruns checks annually.

Why it's hot: This year, DevOps, which combines development and operations, is a huge jackpot for investors. NPM is one of these startups that has been benefiting from this boom, and in just the last four years, it has already raised almost $19 million.

Why it's hot: Founded by ex-Facebookers who spent years managing the social media giant's online data and search infrastructure, Rockset just came out of stealth with $21.5 million in funding from the top-tier Silicon Valley venture firms Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital.

Established company that has raised over $500 million from financiers like T. Rowe Price, Accel and Y Combinator. They most recently raised a $120 million "Series E" round. Checkr automates and speeds up the process of professional background checks. They were founded in 2014.

DoorDash requires all delivery drivers to go through a background check before being approved to deliver for DoorDash. They use a third-party service called Checkr, which runs the background check and sends the information to DoorDash. Checkr is a common background check service that almost every gig economy app uses to run background checks.


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