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On the store's pale blue pediment, a sort of packaged, shrinkwrapped extract of sky, were the red words Wal*Mart, and at the apex, where the cross should have been, a yellow happy face. Jefferson was wrong, I thought: happiness is not a state to be pursued but an embalmed yellow decal to slap on buildings and T-shirts. In the twenty-first century we'll hold up happy faces to ward off vampires. I looked around for the Grand Am, mildly worried that the teenagers were here too, to stock up on guns, but not one car in the parking lot was red.

"Writes a column? He talked about buying hardwood furniture, early American, and it all turned out to be made in Malaysia. So he did some research and found out that Indonesia has thirteen thousand islands covered with hardwood, and they're all being clear-cut. I bet that's where they got the hickory."

They were right about sound, at least. Experiments conducted in the early seventeenth century, with bells inside vacuums rung by a magnet outside, confirmed that a sound couldn't pass through airless space. 041b061a72


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