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Black Forest !EXCLUSIVE!

Our campus and boarding homes are located on the southwestern edge of the Black Forest. Kandern is a small picturesque town surrounded by forests, rolling hills, and dozens of hiking trails. We are only a short drive from both Switzerland and the Alsace region of France.

black forest

Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings is a stunning retreat surrounded by sweeping views of the dramatic forest, mountain ranges, and fantastic wildlife. It offers an elegantly rustic ceremony site situated against the beautiful pines of the Colorado Springs Forest, making every wedding spectacular! Couples love this venue for the show-stopping views, elegant interior styling, and the secluded feel. Bonus: its convenient location between Colorado Springs and Denver makes it easy for guests to access!

The crisp air and smell of the ponderosa pines give a distinctive feeling to this 385-acre regional park. There are spectacular views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range. The developed area, with turf playing fields, tennis courts, playground, and two picnic pavilions were created in natural openings of the forest.

The Black Forest[dead link] (German: Schwarzwald) is located in the southwest corner of Germany in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, which contains the namesake low, forested mountain range and warm, sunny lowlands at its foot. It is known as one of Germany's most beautiful and favourite destinations. There is both nature and history to be found, and thanks to unique climatic conditions in the middle of the European landmass, those can be enjoyed year-round with some of the warmest temperatures in Germany.

Indulge in a devilishly delicious stout. Inspired by the famous German dessert, Black Forest Nitro tempts taste buds with tart black cherries and aromas of rich chocolate cake. Layers of flavor reminiscent of spiked fresh cherries and dark chocolate ganache cascade on a canvas of nitrogen. The super smooth mouthfeel is delicate and light while staying diabolically decadent. Crack a can and enter into temptation. 041b061a72


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