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Kara J'Marie Renick
Kara J'Marie Renick

HI! I’m Kara and I am one of the staff at Mountain View Montessori! I am so excited to be able to share my passions for the Montessori Method with others! Being in an environment which follows the Montessori philosophy is a wonderful experience. It is truly life changing. Before becoming involved with a Montessori school, the word “Montessori” was just another old meaningless philosophy created for a generation years ago. As it turns out, Montessori means so much more. Montessori, to me, means family … independence … freedom … expression … creativity. The Montessori philosophy incorporates the children and their unique ability to learn and develop in their own expressive ways. I adore this philosophy that not only teaches children English, math, science and history but also how to love learning.

Montessori schools encourage free expression and healthy relationships between peers/children and adults. In the Montessori classroom, lessons are placed around the classroom and are available to the students during the day. The children are able to choose any lesson they have been taught by a teacher. This gives children the opportunity to experience freedom of choice and expression. The lessons involved in a Montessori environment are created for children to learn in a multitude of ways and they are fun for the children, too! The majority of children truly love coming to school to do enjoyable lessons and to see their friends and teachers. Montessori is a huge part of my life and I’m very exited to continue to share my passion and love for the philosophy with others!


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